Northern Lights - The Secret of the Forest

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A new hit for fans of the Connect 3 genre!

The Scientist Cat is already hiding items throughout the mysterious forest so you can enjoy finding things and earn as many emeralds as possible. The cat is happy to have new guests!

Ivan Tsarevich is already chopping wood to build a hut and is waiting for your help. But don't worry! You don’t have to wield an ax: you just need to connect things three at a time, and this way you will build a large tower and even be able to plant a beautiful garden with apple trees on the site. And the apples there are red and liquid! By the way, for combining three fruits in the game they also give a reward.

Marya Morevna is already preparing interesting riddles and puzzles and is looking forward to treasure hunting with you. But the game won't be too difficult: Marya loves to arrange things in threes and will be happy to help you overcome all the obstacles!