Christmas Bird Game's Mission

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In the game "Christmas Bird Game's Mission," you play as a little bird pilot traveling in a spaceship. Your mission is to reach the base located on the other side of the screen. But watch out! You have limited fuel, so you must manage it carefully.
You control the bird using the up arrow key on the keyboard, but remember, each ascent uses a lot of fuel. Try to carefully avoid obstacles such as beams, meteors, and other ships that can halt your journey.
Collect fuel and fly cautiously to reach the base. Will you be able to overcome cosmic challenges and reach your goal? It's time to begin the adventure!

For mobile devices: Use the left, up, and right arrows on the left side of the screen to control the character. For keyboards: Utilize the arrow keys on the keyboard; left for leftward movement, up to ascend, and right to move to the right